Art and Design – The Difference

Is Art and Design are different? Can I call this piece of work as art or design? Is every design is an art? Like this you can hear and see people raise questions about art and design. There is a difficulty in discussing this in that I don’t think graphic design is artless, but it isn’t Art. The two terms are blurred enough that argument could go on for quite some time… People get confused with the two terms unnecessarily because, they aren’t the same. Ok then what is the difference between an art and a deign work. The differences between art and design lie mainly on purposes, criteria, judgment, making method last but not least the audiences even different. Design is more planned and executed whereas Art is more of a free flow of mind.

hey.. I didn’t say that a Designer is not an artist or an Artist is not a Designer.

Design is objective, while Art is subjective. Design is a branch of visual communication in which it is vital that the meaning being communicated is established in the way that was intended at the receiving end. If a designer creates an illustration for a product it will have multiple thoughts of him and clients. If it doesn’t interpret the idea it fails. If an artist makes a illustration and if it didn’t interpret the purpose or his or her imagination it can be still be an art. Its function is not open to analysis.

To be more defined Art just happens as an expression of an artist’s imagination and Design is an artistic expression that has a predestined idea.

Design often imposes working out the form or structure of something by creating plans. Making a Storyboard, What clients need? Color? Time? All this we need to think before step-up for a Design Work. Art is never planned. It is mostly the outburst of a mind in a particular situation and they concern with the creation of something stunning or noteworthy to expresses him or her.

A designer gets into a work with a blank mind with stuff like content, client requirements in mind whereas The designer’s responsibility is to foresee how the various aspects should come together as a whole thing and bring visual meaning, taste and technical skills to bear on the production of the job. To be more exact, the designer just arranges the mixture of elements.

An Artist gets in to blank canvas with imagination of the start to end. Their only spirit is to bring an output of the sense and stimulus.

Design is presented with the visual arrangement of useful and beneficial things whereas Art is presented with representations of things to wonder about and identify. Art and design seems related but nonetheless separate.

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