Abortion – its a matter of life…

Abortion has been a divisive issue for many years. Lot of opinions are there about abortions, either for or against for a long time. This is about taking of human life so it should be taken very serious. There are some points which I like to present about this.

The first thing which comes to my mind is that, No one has the right to take a life. According to medical science there is no life as there is no baby but an embryo but there is the potential to become a human and therefore it has got life. They just don’t make any difference between an embryo and a baby and they can’t accept it as it will end up killing a human life no matter what. Doesn’t the unborn child have rights?

In many countries killing a pregnant wife, will be charged by two murders. But women can have abortion and walk out of the clinic with any problem in many places. Isn’t it a crime, yes of course! I am not blaming all women who get into it. Some women are pushed into that situation either physclogically or through force.

Another issue is that because of this abortion there is a huge problem of low birthrate. Many families around the world stick two children mostly one child due to financial status.

Below is a survey conducted by by the polling organizations of Peter Hart and Neil Newhouse. Sept. 6-8, 2008.

“Which comes closest to your view on abortion: abortion should always be legal; should be legal most of the time; should be made illegal except in cases of rape, incest and to save the mother’s life; or abortion should be made illegal without any exceptions?”

Always Legal : 25%

Legal Most of the Time : 24%

Illegal With a Few Exceptions : 37%

Illegal Without Exceptions : 10%

Unsure :  4%

In most cases such as rape, unprotected sex, adoption comes to the mind. Instead of abortion they can give the baby to the needy. There are many families that are not blessed of a child and they can get a opportunity to take care of one. The love and happiness of those families will be completely lost if a woman makes the decision to have an abortion. All discarded children in the world be worthy of to be raised in home where they will get love, something that their organic parents can’t provide.

Getting an abortion for any reason would be really worse. It is a way for people to escape from their responsibilities. What do u say…???

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