discovering music….

Music is the important thing that keeps me still on… If some one asks me ‘which type of music do u listen?’… my mind goes to a deep thinking…coz i like all kind of music… except ‘Rap’ which i hate so much…. today@ my office i had no work, so thought off diving into world of music…

You know wat… Music is not just a entertainment, its a great form of therapy which has a positive effect to your body and mind. Music Therapy is one of the growing treatment in Medical Science. Research has shown that listening to strong, heavy beats can make your brain waves sharper and keeps u more alert whereas listening to a soft music keeps u in meditative state. Thus being in music therapy will enable your brain to shift at different speeds when needed…

With alterations in brainwaves comes changes in other bodily functions. Those governed by the autonomic nervous system, such as breathing and heart rate can also be altered by the changes music can bring. This can mean slower breathing, slower heart rate, and an activation of the relaxation response, among other things.

Music can also bring you positive state mind and keeps you out of depression and anxiety. Thus helps your mind in creative ways and being optimized. So tune to your favorite music now and be healthy…..

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